Team Shadetek - Brooklyn Anthem

Team Shadetek


Brooklyn Anthem


Sound Ink


SIK 018


Hip Hop

Typ: 12 inch
Preis: 11 CHF
Following the red-hot clamour that surrounded their ball-achingly good 'Heavy Meckle' mixtape, this brand new 12" grants us our first glimpse into the creative core that is currently gestating their forthcoming LP 'Pale Fire'... And guess what? It's so raw you might go blind! Distilling the essence of grime, hip-hop and dancehall, then cross-breeding them down the lab, 'Brooklyn Anthem' is a firestorm of seared beats, slouched bass and marble-mouthed delivery from the 77Klash and JahDan. Flying out the traps with unreasonable force, 'Brooklyn Anthem' is then joyfully juxtaposed by the more straight-up hip-hop of 'BK Assassin' (feat. Rustee Juxx of East Flatbush Project and Boot Camp Clik) on the B - wherein some prime NYC rhymes are kept buoyant by an unfurling patchwork of leaky beats, thundering gun shots and pepped horns. As if that weren't enough, in addition to the vocal, instrumental and 718 riddim mix of the tracks, there's also the KMD inspired 'Make It' to keep you happy - with the spittle flecked delivery of Zesto! liable to burn your ears from 100 yards. Awesome!

Side 1:

- "Brooklyn Anthem" (feat 77 Klash & Jah Dan - vocal)
- "Brooklyn Anthem" (feat 77 Klash & Jah Dan - 718 riddim)
- "Brooklyn Anthem" (feat 77 Klash & Jah Dan - acappella)

Side 2:

- "BK Assassin" (feat Rustee Juxx - vocal)
- "BK Assassin" (instrumental edit)
- "Make it" (feat Zesto! - vocal)

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