Goldmann Stefan - Voices Of The Dead (5x7inch Box)

Goldmann Stefan


Voices Of The Dead (5x7inch Box)






Ambient / IDM

Typ: Vinyl-Box
Preis: 60 CHF
!!!!!!STRICTLY LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!!!!! Together with Stefan Goldmann’s debut CD “The Transitory State", Macro releases a strictly limited box set containing five 7″ records holding the electroacoustic album “Voices Of The Dead". With his releases for Innervisions, Perlon and Macro Stefan Goldmann has been a key figure at the cutting edge of post minimal techno and the renewal of house music. This album is a distinctively different affair though, reaching far beyond the scope of dancefloor electronics. Starting a trilogy of concept albums, Stefan Goldmann searches for the common root of all music in an electroacoustic setting. From this album “Turret” is already renowned as the intro sequence of Richie Hawtin’s groundbreaking DE9 Transitions mix compilation and was also commissioned by the Biblioteque Nationale de France for the IMEB Phonoteque public collection. The artist explains: “At first sight we recognise upfront elements like a melody or rhythmic pattern, which we associate with a certain piece or style of music, but there is tension between two notes, hard-to-define background information that at a closer look is found everywhere - within the music of Coltrane and Stravinsky, Death Metal and 9th century Byzantine chants. If there is anything like a total, secret common ground, than it’s this information lurking in the background. These are the “Voices Of The Dead", the heritage of an endless line of ancestors brought forward through the centuries. I tried to make these elements audible as clearly as possible.” “Really like this weird space ambient one. I’ve put Katorga and Izo already into my Final Scratch computer and have been playing them!” (Richie Hawtin on “Voices Of The Dead") Record Release event at Berghain / Panorama Bar Berlin on September 4th, 2008, feat. Ricardo Villalobos, Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) and Ulrich Schnauss (tbc).

Side 1:

- "Slit Trench"

Side 2:

- "Izo" (part I)

Side 3:

- "Crossreference"

Side 4:

- "Turret"
- "Antisyntax"

Side 5:

- "Ptolemaic Drift"

Side 6:

- "Izo" (part II)

Side 7:

- "Markers Of The Black Lit Path"

Side 8:

- "Kartorga" (part I)

Side 9:

- "End Of The Road"

Side 10:

- "Massenbach"
- "Kartorga" (part II)

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