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The first and only compilation to feature every Dubstep anthem from the genre’s inception to present day, adding both mainstream and specialist appeal!!!. This 2CD represents the first time that anybody can listen to certified classics including Burial’s ‘Archangel’ Benga & Coki’s massive ‘Night’ and Mala’s ’Anti War Dub’ in one release. I Love Dubstep is a must-have for seasoned Dubsteppers and the uninitiated alike. 70% of the featured tracks have previously been unavailable in CD format Compiled and mixed by Youngsta & Geeneus Rinse is the sister label to recognised pioneer of Dubstep Rinse FM For the seasoned listener, ILD provides 45 seminal tracks mixed by two highly revered DJs, Youngsta and Geeneus. For newcomers to the sound, which is steadily spreading roots across the globe who aren’t yet familiar with the tunes to buy and producers to look out for, then ILD is the ultimate reference CD. This is the first time that 45 pre-packaged bangers can be plucked from the shelf. As a major pioneer of Dubstep via its sister radio station Rinse FM, Rinse have been given unprecedented permission to use tracks never before featured on CD and some (like Digital Mystikz ‘Haunted’ ) which will never see the light of day again on CD or wax. Dubstep is fast approaching a musical tipping point: Missy Elliot has drafted in British producer Rusko for her forthcoming album; Burial’s ’Untrue’ is the bookies favourite for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize; Benga & Coki’s ’Night’ received worldwide critical acclaim and a genre which was first brought to Radio 1 by John Peel now gets pride of place in the record bags of DJs including Sinden, Switch, Mary Anne Hobbs, Laurent Garnier, Zane Lowe, Gilles Peterson and Daddy G. Glastonbury, Sonar, Miami’s Winter Conference, Roskilde, Big Chill, Creamfields, Lowlands and Glade Festival have all featured dubstep prominently this year, exposing dubstep to a whole new audience of music lovers. For these new wide-eyed music lovers, I Love Dubstep is the digestible solution for their new found curiosity and hunger. 45 back to back anthems across 2 CDs, now that’s what I call music!

CD 1: mixed by Youngsta

01. High Plains Drifter vs Goldspot Productions - "Sholay"
02. Skream - "Dutch Flowerz"
03. Caspa - "Rubber Chicken"
04. Loefah - "Mud"
05. Skream - "Rottan"
06. D1 - "Malfunction"
07. Benga - "Flames"
08. Skream - "I" (Loefah remix)
09. Skream - "Chest Boxing"
10. Benga - "Crunked Up"
11. Massive Music - "Find My Way" (Kode9 remix)
12. Distance - "Traffic"
13. Skream - "Midnight Request Line"
14. Benga - "26 Basslines"
15. Magnetic Man - "Alright"
16. Headhunter - "Descent"
17. Kromestar - "Kalawanji"
18. Coki - "Tortured"
19. Hijak - "Dally"
20. Pinch - "Punisher"
21. SP :MC - "Trust Nobody"
22. Mala - "Left Leg Out"
23. D1 - "Give It Back"

CD 2: mixed by Geeneus

01. Shackleton - "Blood On My Hands"
02. Digital Mystikz - "Give Jah Glory"
03. TRG - "Broken Heart" (Martyn's DCM remix)
04. The Bug - "Skeng"
05. Digital Mystikz - "Anti War Dub"
06. Horsepower Productions - "Golden Nugget"
07. Conquest - "Hardfood"
08. Skream - "Oskillatah"
09. Distance - "V"
10. Unknown - "Burning"
11. Skream - "Make Me"
12. Digital Mystikz - "Haunted"
13. Benga - "E Trips"
14. Fat Freddy's Drop - "Cay's Crays" (Digital Mystikz remix)
15. Skream - "2D"
16. Benga & Coki - "Night"
17. Headhunter - "Sushi Brain"
18. 2562 - "Kameleon"
19. Kode9 - "Babylon"
20. DJ Abstract - "Touch"
21. Decisions - "TRG"
22. Archangel - "Burial"

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