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Sienkiewicz Jacek


Modern Dance


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Minimal & Tech-House

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It’s been ten years already, since Jacek Sienkiewicz established his Recognition label, and six years since “Téchnè", first artist’s full length for Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings. The Warsaw-Frankfurt connection seems to work quite well, as you are about to experience Jacek’s astonishing mix CD/compilation. For the last ten years Jacek was carving his very own niche in this genre formerly known as techno. Paying respect due to the classic masters of Detroit sound, he never followed formulas and classic frames of what was once called minimal techno, instead always working on both expanding and questioning the music we used to know. Be it studio work, his countless live performances around the globe, his collaborations with some of his contemporaries or his work as a promoter introducing some of the world’s finest talents to local audience - his actions, albeit always on the side of club mainstream, were always deeply rooted in his very own vision of electronic music as a true psychedelic experience. Hence, the modern dance was born. As we all know, dance is an art form, referring to the movements of human body. Be it a form of one’s expression, social interaction or the extension of spiritual life, dance is most often associated with music. Dance embodies emotions, expresses ideas and generally tells a story. Music is the catalyst. The modern dance was raised out of rebellion against the strict formulas of tradition - and so was the music you are about to hear. Jacek Sienkiewicz has been exploring emotional, physical, mental, communicative or finally artistic aspects of dance and music for the last ten years. Probing and expanding boundaries of classic techno music, filtering Detroit sound through innumerable studio experiments, his music became the way to express his deepest inner feelings and visionary creativity - and this is exactly what modern dance is about

01. "Double Secret"
02. "All Yours"
03. "Jeden"
04. "Time Starts Now"
05. "Connections"
06. "Modern Dance"
07. "Never Landing Story"
08. "My Little Place" (Digital mix)
09. "Beacon"
10. "Skazka"
11. "Forgot To Tell You"
12. "Eastern Promises"
13. "Green River"
14. "Good Luck" (Midas mix)

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