Sender Recordings - 10 Years Sender Part 2

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10 Years Sender Part 2


Sender Berlin


SENDER 085.2


Minimal & Tech-House

Typ: 12 inch
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Since establishing the Sender station, tons of sweat ran down the walls of international Techno clubs. Not few numbers out of the Sender catalogue have been involved with this sportive society phenomenon. Artists like Misc. have reached some of their top levels with blood-pressure-raising Techno compounds on Sender. High calibres like T.Raumschmiere and Jake Fairley have set cesuras in stlye and dirt. British legends like A Guy Called Gerald and Baby Ford have built robust Techno-bridges to the continent. In the spotlight of Sender085.2, we have Misc. and Matt John with two outstanding new tracks. Besides, label holder and founder Benno Blome can be heard with Tigerskin once again, who also had several appearances on Sender. Also, we are very happy to introduce a young fresh talent to the audience: Welcome to Sender Records, Shap. Please put your remote control aside now and immerse in the following music program.

Side 1:

Blome & Tigerskin - "Boomshanker"
Misc - "The Thrill Of It All"

Side 2:

Shap - "Maki"
Matt John - "The O"

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