Meyer Matthias - Tout Va Bien (remixes)

Meyer Matthias


Tout Va Bien (remixes)


Liebe Detail


LDS 014


Minimal & Tech-House

Typ: 12 inch
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In 2008 liebe*detail gave birth to a very special original recording from Matthias Meyer. ‘Tout Va Bien’ instantly struck a chord within the scene and was played, charted and supported worldwide. Now we present 4 unique and creative re-interpretations, from Kink, Shinedoe, Salvatore Freda and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. A1: tout va bien (kink remix) Hitting up the A side with an immense slice of old-school, pumping and shuffling analog action, Kink’s remix pushes the boat out and provides perhaps the most visceral and straight up remix of the four. Essential 909 workout! A2: tout va bien (kollektiv turmstrasse remix) Hamburg’s own Kollektiv Turmstrasse also lend their remixing skills to the package with their smooth, pretty and emotional take on Matthias’ original. Building with melodic passages and earthy, heartfelt energy its yet another great example of these guy’s talents. B1: tout va bien (shinedoe remix) Shinedoe of Holland’s world-renowned Intacto and 100% Pure platforms provides a tracky, techy and intricate remix that digs deep into tribal, big room territories. Shaking, snaking and pushing with a wonderful thick and warm energy, its open arrangement and free live feeling make this a fantastic club tool. B2: tout va bien (salvatore freda’s tutto dark remix) Salvatore Freda is the Lausanne based DJ and producer who’s name has been blowing up recently following his last couple of release on Liebe*Detail. His remix is a darker, techy trip that employs a more hi-tech aesthetic, full of trippy fills and crowd pleasing resolutions.

Side 1:

- "Tout Va Bien" (Kink remix)
- "Tout Va Bien" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix)

Side 2:

- "Tout Va Bien" (Shinedoe remix)
- "Tout Va Bien" (Salvatore Freda's Tutto Dark remix)

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