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Minimal & Tech-House

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Goldfish + Der Dulz release for nearly one decade their tracks on great labels as Moon Harbour, Playhouse, Ware, Esel, especially Boxer Sport and Kickboxer and now on their own new label hi freaks. And finally Haseland Magnetschallplatten! When they’re playing live they use their laptop, a funky bass sometimes and they’re singing all by themselves, wow. And of course they are DJs, too. A highlight in their career: John Peel played their track “Syncro” revue in one of his last radio-shows. At the moment they work on the first album. so watch out! Oh, those summer nights… During some big time-bad ass-wild partying at Bremen’s former freight depot, now techno party hotspot, in the summer of 2000, Maurice Dulz and Joerg Fischer developed a musical crush on each other. Maurice has been DJ-ing for the last decade or so, Joerg knows how to get the right sound out of those blinking computers. Maurice can only be seen as a kind of musical pioneer: he already preferred those clicks, cuts, clonks and ticktacks, when the rest of planet Techno was still wearing the uniform of trousers like tents. Wunderkind Joerg on the other hand, has been handling almost every kind of musical instrument since the tender age of ten. The musical destination Goldfish and his Dulz wanted to take was set from the very beginning: funky, yet reduced electronic music, delicatly laced with a soft melody. The two wizards had been playing together for just a short while, when the first tracks attrected interest and were released by genre-defining Frankfurt based label “Playhouse". EPs on Moon Harbour followed, on Boxer Sport, Dance Electric and many other labels. Apart from that, Goldfish + der Dulz featured on many compilations by Esel, Sub-Static and Ware. In the meantime their own label “Hi Freaks!” has a whole record case full of brilliant releases with artists like Piemont, White Trash aka Larsson, Chaim, Axel Bartsch and, of course, Goldfish + der Dulz.

Side 1:

- "Brushes"

Side 2:

- "Plants"
- "Nylon"

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