Sisman Ahmet / Heil Johannes - Hey Now

Sisman Ahmet / Heil Johannes


Hey Now


Cocoon Rec.


COR 10005


Minimal & Tech-House

Typ: 10 inch
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Over the last two years, Ahmet Sisman has become one of the most interesting newcomers within the German Techno scene. His music is located at the junction between Turkish roots and western post-modernism, but still always succeeds in orchestrating the dark energy of the night, too. Consequently, his last EP “Hit Me Low” (Dumb Unit) could be found in the charts of Tiefschwarz and André Galluzzi, and the percussive masterpiece from ‘98 “Buiya” belonged to Sven Väth’s most popular tracks of the Ninth Season last year. “Hey Now", Sisman’s debut for Cocoon Recordings, is not hiding his passion for the Chicago Trax sound, but supplements an incredibly deep brilliance of sound by pointed percussions, modular Acid and lots of echo reverb. The two protagonists of the flip side, however, don’t need any introduction: for more than 15 years now, Johannes Heil is an essential part of the German Techno community. With classics like “Paranoid Dancer” (Kanzleramt, 1998) or “Calling” (1999), he belongs to the musical long-term memory of Techno but beyond that, he always was a reliable guarantor for musical development, too. The same is true for Heiko Schäfer aka Heiko M/S/O, who is DJ, club promoter and producer (e.g. for Pascal FEOS ("Our Music", Ongaku 1995) and Atom Heart ("Mihon #3″, Pod Communications 1992)) since 1988 and thus a very important figure in the Rhein Main Techno scene. Their first co-production “You Should Know” uses the power of percussions, but at the same time, takes a bow before the best productions of a DJ Pierre with some Wild Pitch strings and is thus perfecting the modernisation of the Sound of Chicago.

Side 1:

Ahmet Sisman - "Hey Now"

Side 2:

Johannes Heil & Heiko M/S/O - "You Should Know"

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