Model 500 - Ofi (Mad Mike remix)

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Ofi (Mad Mike remix)




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Minimal & Tech-House

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Uptempo electro techno tracks from Juan Atkins with classic bass lines and robotic vocals. Produced by Juan Atkins, Mark Taylor and Mike Banks. Including a Mad Mike (Underground Resistance remix) Not many single releases can be labelled as events, especially not in the ever homogenised techno world, but the first single from Model 500 in eleven years, and the first recorded by the new band line up is most definitely an event. It’s only fitting that this single is released on R&S Records, whose relationship with the man widely acknowledged as the originator of Detroit techno goes back 17 years and who released the last Model 500 album back in 1999. In 2007 Atkins partnered up with Mike Banks from Underground Resistance to form a Model 500 band. It wasn’t the first time they had played together as Model 500 but this time Atkins added Detroit DJ/producer DJ Skurge to the mix along with longtime associate and established funk and techno producer Mark Taylor. As the “new” Model 500, they began performing as a band, debuting at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and not too long later, performing at festivals in Europe and Japan. This single is the first music to come from sessions of the new line up, with Juan Atkins, Mike Banks and Mark Taylor sharing writing credits. OFI is classic Model 500, the kind of insanely funky electro-techno that Juan Atkins pretty much invented with amazing vocals from Juan himself. Underground Resistance legend ‘Mad’ Mike Banks comes correct with a superb stripped down remix of OFI in true UR style. Finally ‘Huesca’ on the flip is a perfect example of classic deep Detroit techno featuring classic string arrangements that could have only come from the UR connection.

Side 1:

- "OFI"
- "OFI" (Mad Mike remix)

Side 2:

- "Huesca"

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