Kellerkind / Animal Trainer - The Swiss Edition

Kellerkind / Animal Trainer


The Swiss Edition


Stil Vor Talent


SVT 053


Minimal & Tech-House

Typ: 12 inch
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Private number accounts, smelly cheese and a funny language is not all there is to Switzerland, stupid! Of course there is a lot of great house music coming from the land of the ski, as we know already from Stil vor Talent’s very own producers Kellerkind and Animal Trainer. Now here comes an EP totally dedicated to the Swiss. First up is the DJ and producer Kellerkind who start out with “Snupi", a sample-based time machine to a better era that includes a perfectly orchestrated ensemble of organic jazz beats, analogue pianos, digital strings, some vocals and an unstoppable groove. In collaboration with buraq, Kellerkind presents us the more stomping piece of tech-house with some stronger beats - “Charly Braun". Still, the classical instruments from trumpets to an upright piano solo to some nicely placed string stabs are all in here to create that very special molding between electronic and acoustic music. It’s like big band film music for the house dancefloors! On the flip it’s the Zurich-based production duo Animal Trainer with two fresh tracks. “I Give U” can’t conceal the fun that the two must have had when creating this swinging piece of tech-house. Imagine a cartoon-style pitched up vocal, some real speedy piano sample plus a really enchanting groove. This is a body shaker! “Handsome” rounds up the EP with a very strong dancefloor focus; actually, this is a tech house monster. Slowly pumping at the beginning this track really kicks off when the synth melody drops in around halfway through the track. A real subtle beast that keeps on pumping until the end. Well done Still vor Talent: four new, very unique house tracks hailing from Switzerland. Grüezi!

Side 1:

Kellerkind - "Snupi"
Kellerkind & Buraq - "Charly Braun"

Side 2:

Animal Trainer - "I Give U"
Animal Trainer - "Mr.Handsome"

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