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Minimal & Tech-House

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After the now legendary Playhouse compilation series ‘Famous When Dead’, sister label Klang Elektronik now starts a new concept series of its own, ‘Diamanten Und Raketen’.

As the title might suggest, the compilation doesn’t just feature the 12” single highlights of the last twelve months, but creates a build-up of tension that presents Klang Elektronik classics, current hits and a preview of what the label holds store. The main emphasis will, of course, be tracks from the current post-techno generation dedicated to the development of minimalist classic dancefloor patterns.

Sometimes abstracting and deconstructing creates entirely new genres that only peripherally have anything to do with modern club Jan Jenlinek’s Farben remix for neo-Kraut rockers Bergheim 34 is a gem that one can quickly get tired of if you hear the maxi-single too often, but with its timeless, beautiful fragility it really brings this CD to life. With its heartbreaking simplicity, hieroglyphic beings ‘D.O.S.’ also proves that electronic music, if it sounds completely raw, can be incredibly charming. Avus, whose opening track ‘Tear’ on this CD is a master of minimalist post-techno. His tracks on James Holden’s Border Community label likewise count as highlights of this genre. Phage & Daniel Dreier work on the same topic from a Berlin perspective. As part of the Panorama Bar set and in countless after-hours, they have developed their own unique groove. Raudive is Oliver Ho’s new project. Oliver has radically changed his style and screws digital percussion loops into precisely kicking minimal textures. Johannes Heil needs no further introduction; with ‘Freaks R Us’ he recently released one of the most successful techno albums of 2006. Just like Alter Ego, he stands for perfectly produced function electronics that have always felt very much at home on Klang Elektronik.

01. Avus - "Tear"
02. Johannes Heil - "Freaks R Us"
03. Misc - "Hey Du!"
04. Alter Ego - "Gate 23 (Lost On Arrival...)" (Alter Ego dub)
05. 2 Dollar Egg - "Graphit"
06. Destillat - "Cabrio"
07. Bergheim 34 - "Ding Dong" (Farben remix)
08. Phage & Daniel Drier - "Beeswax"
09. Partycrashers - "Cos We Care"
10. Raudive - "Turn It Off"
11. Hieroglyphic Being - "DOS"

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