Zero / Decibelle - Freak Like Us (Remix)

Zero / Decibelle


Freak Like Us (Remix)


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Typ: 12 inch
Preis: 11 CHF
The Streetwise crew mark their silver jubilee of releases with a double header of funk laden tech beats from the husband and wife production team, Zero & Decibelle. Zero best known for his classic tune "Emit/Collect" has racked up a fine array of releases over the past few years both on his own and in conjunction with artists such as Vigi, Mr.B, Alison David and Decibelle. Zero & Decibelle's last single "Acid Queen" b/w "No Matter" made it's way into the boxes of many of the top DJs such as the Stanton Warriors and Plump DJs and got smashed at all the big breaks nights across the world. "Freak Like Us" is a tough electro tinged workout that mixes up crisp drums with driving bass and vocodered vocals and has already set dancefloors alight from TP at clubs such as Raindance, Boomslang and The End. On the flip "The Good/The Bad" continues the vibe but introduces an infectious melodic component that gets inside your head and twists your braincells. Supported by Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Anne Savage, Aquasky, Smithmonger, Drummatic Twins, etc.

Side 1:

- "Freak Like Us"

Side 2:

- "Freak Like Us" (Good/Bad Zero remix)

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