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Sebastien, like his mentor DJ Hell, worked in his youth in a record store in order to get his hands on all the great records coming out at the time. This is the debut release from the young Frenchman. And what a discovery Hell has made. "Wuxia" by Sebastien San is without doubt a fresh sounding late summer hit. Sebastien San grew up listening to the sound of Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Jean-Michel Jarre and Serge Gainsbourg. One can hear these pioneering influences in Sebastien San's music which is an innovative mix of trance, italo and electronica. "Wuxia" is a floating synth based slice of quality electro. The term "Wuxia" comes from Chinese culture where it is a genre in literature and cinema, e.g. Hollywood blockbuster "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". The second part, "Xia", refers to a unique blend of the martial arts philosophy. A "Xia" warrior is a martial artist who upholds a strict moral code of honour and righteousness. One thing's for sure, if San's skills in combat are as powerful as his production skills, you don't want to be doing battle with him! The so-called "dub" version of "Wuxia" on the B-side of this kicking 12" is a much more up-tempo, DJ-friendly affair. The synth melodies take backseat, while the thumping beats rise to the fore. The metallic percussion sounds show San's heavy influence from the new wave and industrial scene including acts such as Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, Human League, Front 242 amongst many others. "It was the most amazing thing", says Sebastien, "at that time, I could hardly believe that this music was made by human beings". The emerging club-culture of the mid-80s, as well as the birth of Detroit techno and Chicago house had an even greater impact on him. "I immediately got into it, the sound of those records had a powerful depth and it was generally more danceable". By the mid 90s, Sebastien launched his own (and now defunct) label called Shield Records. During that time he had the chance to collaborate with people such as Kirk Degiorgio, Kevin Saunderson and Fabrice Lig to name but a few. Another key factor was Sebastien's meeting with Mad Mike in Detroit. With a full length album in the pipeline, also due for release on Gigolo Records later this year, Sebastien San is sure to be the latest in a long line of hot new talent discovered by DJ Hell and brought to you by Gigolo Records. The track which has already featured in Hell's personal Top 10, is simply a breath of fresh air. San's unique style combines deep atmospheric strings, sweet melodies, and funky beats and rhythms.

Side 1:

- "Wuxia"

Side 2:

- "Wuxia" (dub)

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