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We put the cd on. Breathing. Organic, orgasmic in a loop, between Kraftverk doing the Tour de France trick and PJ Harvey, Dry period. Then the song begins, somewhere between trip-hop and pop. Soft start, with sounds cut and sharp as diamonds. Forward, backward, some drops of Ruby (the Salt Peter album.... I just remembered it dates back to 1995.where the f*ck is she now?!?!). From the very first tracks, it's obvious that Wired Stuff is a rich, dense album of layers, radical changes, and pop experiment without any set rules. It goes down unexpected strange paths and radically changes direction. "Working On It" starts as a Neubauten meets Future Lisa track to take some Scream Club ( I wrote this before I read they rocked together at Ladyfest Berlin... somehow I was not surprised) style traces, falls into a break which makes you check whether it's still the same song, and comes back again. Electronic sounds, sudden soft melodies, sweat and sex. It's HOT! She is Hanin Elias and Tara Delong talking about love, hurting, power, sex, and more. Irresistibly attractive. I thought about the freedom of Kevin Blechdom when I first heard the album (they are friends.. again, not really surprised I am). What is amazing about this record is that it is both really simple and really complex, it's difficult to explain, you have to feel it, really. it works as hell... and this adaptation of Rid Of Me she does.... goose bumps!
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01. "I Just Know"
02. "Workin On It"
03. "Just Shut Up And"
04. "In The Streets"
05. "U're Not With Me"
06. "Player"
07. "Surfer Grrrl"
08. "Less And Less"
09. "Dereyal"
10. "On The Move"

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