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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Platzhalter Platzhalter
Platzhalter 12 inch Unknown Label
Various Styles 11.12.2006 11 CHF

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Young Heart Attack Young Heart Attack
2004 UK limited pressing 2-track 7" vinyl single including a cover of the AC/DC classic -Get It Hot- featuring LEMMY.(ei...
Tommy Shots 7 inch XL Records
Independent Pop & Rock 01.01.2007 6 CHF

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Be Your Own Pet Be Your Own Pet
Nashville's next big thing just happens to be a ROCK band! Be Your Own Pet are one of the hottest new bands in the State...
damn damn leash 7 inch XL Records
(XLS 212)
Independent Pop & Rock 03.06.2005 6 CHF

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Broadcast Broadcast
the 7inch Version...
America's Boy / Tender Buttons 7 inch Warp
(7 WAP 193)
Independent Pop & Rock 06.10.2010 6 CHF

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Clearlake Clearlake
this is the first single from the forthcoming Clearlake album, Amber, and is taken from the box marked "shoe-gazing sixt...
Good Clean Fun (Caribou Remix) 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 214)
Independent Pop & Rock 16.01.2006 6 CHF

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Sunshine Underground Sunshine Underground
Schon mal darüber nachgedacht, was heraus käme, wenn die Bands The Music und The Rapture gemeinsame Sache machen würden?...
Commercial Breakdown (7inch) 7 inch City Rockers
Independent Pop & Rock 14.02.2006 6 CHF

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Beautiful New Born Children Beautiful New Born Children
Vinyl Version This is the debut album for the four-piece garage-rock band fronted by Kpt.Michi.Gan's Michael Bec...
Hey People ! (LP) LP Domino Rec.
(RUG 170 LP)
Independent Pop & Rock 02.03.2006 16 CHF

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Mother And The Addicts Mother And The Addicts
Debut album by Mother and the Addicts 'Take The Lovers Home Tonight'...
Take The Lovers Home Tonight (2LP) 2LP Chemical Underground
Independent Pop & Rock 16.03.2006 21 CHF

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Hardkandy Hardkandy
Vinyl Version Hardkandy stehen nicht typisch für den funky Sound mit den biggen Beats, den man von Catskills ken...
Last To Leave (LP) LP Catskills Records
(RID LP 013)
Independent Pop & Rock 22.03.2006 16 CHF

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Beck Howie Beck Howie
remixed by Stratus and Gonzales...
Sometimes 12 inch Ever Rec.
(REVE 001EP)
Independent Pop & Rock 22.03.2006 11 CHF

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Stereolab Stereolab
2x 10" Vinyl Version Einen solch kreativen Output wie den von Stereolab wünscht sich wohl jeder Fan von seiner Liebli...
Fab Four Suture 2LP Too Pure
(PURE 190LP)
Independent Pop & Rock 19.04.2006 21 CHF

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Free Design Free Design
Cosmic Peekaboo Die Band The Free Design gründete sich 1966 im Folk-Umfeld des New Yorker Greenwich Village und nahm ...
Cosmic Peekaboo LP Marina
(MA 52LP)
Independent Pop & Rock 21.04.2006 16 CHF

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Peppermints Peppermints
"Jesüs Chryst" Album 2006 About the Artist: The Peppermints have been bratting around the world since 1997. B...
Jesüs Chryst LP Paw Tracks (USA)
(PAW 07)
Independent Pop & Rock 11.07.2006 16 CHF

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Adem Adem
"Launch Yourself" (Part 1.) remixed by Four Tet and Thomas Eriksen...
Launch Yourself (1) 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 231)
Independent Pop & Rock 24.08.2006 6 CHF

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Adem Adem
"Launch Yourself" (Part 2.) remixed by Hot Chip and the Original Version on the Flip!...
Launch Yourself (2) 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 231X)
Independent Pop & Rock 24.08.2006 6 CHF

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Guther Guther
"Sundet" 2nd Album on Morr Music Drei Jahre haben Julia Guther und Berend Intelmann uns warten lassen, um nach "I Kn...
Sundet LP Morr Music
(MORR 065 LP)
Independent Pop & Rock 29.09.2006 16 CHF

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Yorkston James Yorkston James
"Steady As She Goes" and "Summer Song" (Dolphin Boy Remix) on Domino Rec. - nice and warm Independent Folk...
Steady As She Goes (7inch) 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 239)
Independent Pop & Rock 22.09.2006 6 CHF

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Boyfriends Boyfriends
"Once Upon A Time" 7inch...
Once Upon A Time 7 inch Unknown Label
(BOOBREC 0027)
Independent Pop & Rock 28.09.2006 6 CHF

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Bridge Gang Bridge Gang
"Blue Sky Grey" fresh Independent 7inch (Import)...
Blue Sky Grey (7inch) 7 inch Brille
Independent Pop & Rock 12.10.2006 6 CHF

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Pop Levi Pop Levi
"Blue Honey" limited 10inch - Wie es wohl klingen würde, wenn Phil Spector und Prince ein Album von Bob Dylan produziere...
Blue Honey (Limited Edition) 10 inch Counter Rec. / Ninja Tune
(COUNT 001)
Independent Pop & Rock 01.11.2006 11 CHF

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Memory Band Memory Band
A folk super group inspired by everyone from Penguin Café Orchestra to Dr Dre that brings percussion and drive and a con...
Why (7inch) 7 inch Peace Frog
(PFG 084)
Independent Pop & Rock 08.11.2006 6 CHF

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Lupen Crook Lupen Crook
This second single to be lifted from Crook’s debut album, Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping, tones down the more difficult...
A Silver Boot For Sam (7inch) 7 inch Tap N Tin
Independent Pop & Rock 16.11.2006 6 CHF

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Julian Fane Julian Fane
"The Moon Is Gone" and "Rattle" on limited Promo 7inch from the forthcoming Album on Planet Mu!...
The Moon Is Gone 7 inch Planet MU
(ZIQ 161P)
Independent Pop & Rock 30.11.2006 6 CHF

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My Luminaries My Luminaries
‘Jumping The Great White’ is the début single from an act that totally blew away the audience at an unsigned bands night...
Jumping The Great White 7 inch Grönland
(7GRON 52)
Independent Pop & Rock 06.12.2006 6 CHF

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White Rose Movement White Rose Movement
"Love Is A Number" (Paul Epworth Mix), Side B, "Eliza Glow" on limited edition 7inch...
Love Is A Number (2) 7 inch Independiente Rec.
(ISOM 106 S2)
Independent Pop & Rock 07.12.2006 6 CHF

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Field Music Field Music
"A House Is Not A Home" limited 7inch on Memphis Industries...
A House Is Not A Home (7inch) 7 inch Memphis Ind.
(MI 073S)
Independent Pop & Rock 18.01.2007 6 CHF

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Contriva Contriva
Contriva is the pairing of Masha Qrella, Max Punktezahl, Rike Schuberty and Hannes Lehmann and this is their debut on Mo...
Separate Chambers (LP) LP Morr Music
(MORR 72 LP)
Independent Pop & Rock 19.11.2007 16 CHF

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Sugars Sugars
"Monsters" and "Serenade" on limited 7inch...
Monsters (7inch) 7 inch Bad Sneakers
Independent Pop & Rock 15.02.2007 6 CHF

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Tokyo Police Club Tokyo Police Club
"Cheer It On" and "Citizens Of Tomorrow" (Space Ballad Version) on limited 7inch...
Cheer It On (7inch) 7 inch Memphis Ind.
(MI )
Independent Pop & Rock 15.02.2007 6 CHF

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Benni Hemm Hemm Benni Hemm Hemm
"Skarvars" and "Baldrei" feat. Jens Lekman on very limited 7inch...
Skarvars (7inch) 7 inch Morr Music
(ANOST 16)
Independent Pop & Rock 15.02.2007 6 CHF

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