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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Slamming release here on Functional. JDS drop a proper heads down chunky funky mix here with excellent rhythms and infec...
Some Kinda Funky Shit 12 inch Functional Breaks
(FB 041)
NuSkool Breaks 22.06.2006 11 CHF

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Ifgray Brandi Ifgray Brandi
Stargazer original rel.1999 prod. by Jimi Tenor! Back In Stock Brandi Ifgray utilizes more live instrumentation ...
Stargazer CD Sähkö
Electro / Disco 23.06.2006 14 CHF

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Bungle Bungle
"The Wall" - "Sky High" limited whitelabel...
The Wall 12 inch Blindside
(BLIND 008)
Drum'N'Bass 26.06.2006 11 CHF

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Massiv & Atomik Tags vs Jungle Brothers Massiv & Atomik Tags vs Jungle Brothers
Take It Back - Promo Only...
Take It Back (Promo) 12 inch Urban Pressure
(UPRS 001)
Drum'N'Bass 26.06.2006 11 CHF

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Spinform Spinform
Wow, ein Ding wie "Frestelser och Bekymmer“ lässt einen echt traurig werden. Endlich kann man mal wieder abgrundtief mel...
Bryter Tystnaden CD Hobby Industries
(HI 019CD)
Ambient / IDM 29.06.2006 14 CHF

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Urban Tribe Urban Tribe
Authorized Clinical Trials - The Album 2006...
Authorized Clinical Ttrials CD Rephlex Records
(CAT 180CD)
Electro / Disco 29.06.2006 14 CHF

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Nero Nero
"The Requiem EP" on Formation Records! Nero come armed to the teeth with four different tracks that are all a bit speci...
Requiem EP (2X12) 2X12 inch Formation Rec.
(FORM 12 117)
Drum'N'Bass 29.06.2006 19 CHF

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Trouble on Vinyl presents Trouble on Vinyl presents
"Unfinished Business EP 1" Audio Unit open with the simple but effective "Aztec Brownies", Jay Jay & Mark C rockout w...
Unfinished Business - The Deal EP 2X12 inch Trouble On Vinyl
(TOV 078)
Drum'N'Bass 29.06.2006 19 CHF

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Spain Is Different Spain Is Different
Spain Is Different - Vol.2 - Unmixed...
Vol.2 - Various (unmixed) CD Hitop Records
Dope Beats / Headz 29.06.2006 14 CHF

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K Bonus K Bonus
Planet Focus EP Almost at its end, the ultra limited "Touch-and-Feel"-Series gets up to yet another climax, hitting t...
Planet Focus EP 12 inch Pulver Records
(PULVER 034)
Dope Beats / Headz 30.06.2006 11 CHF

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Remote Remote
Too Low To Miss is the debut album for The Remote, an electro outfit headed by DJ Ashley Casselle – here teaming up with...
To Low To Miss CD Global Underground
(GUCD 004)
Minimal & Tech-House 06.07.2006 14 CHF

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DLP & Danny Mac DLP & Danny Mac
DLP & Danny Mac lay down some supreme party breaks in the shape of Rebel Sound, solid breaks a wicked bass groove and co...
Rebel Sound (JDS Remix) 12 inch Pack Music
(PACK 001)
NuSkool Breaks 06.07.2006 11 CHF

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Madox Madox
Movin is a funky breakbeat number that can't fail to get a dancefloor moving. The drum monkeys give it a new twist on th...
Movin (Drum Monkeys Remix) 12 inch Westway
(WESTWAY 005 )
NuSkool Breaks 06.07.2006 11 CHF

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Fix Fix
The Disturbance EP 2x12inch - Promo Only - In Stock...
The Disturbance EP 2X12 inch 13 Music
(13MUSIC 006)
Drum'N'Bass 06.07.2006 19 CHF

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Party Style Party Style
All I Want Is The Bass - Another funky as hell outing from the Partystyle camp. Funky ass basline action and superb voca...
All I Want Is The Bass 12 inch Party Style
(PARTY 007)
NuSkool Breaks 06.07.2006 11 CHF

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Stormtrooperz Stormtrooperz
"Built To Last Part 2" feat. Bomberman ...
Built To Last Part 2 12 inch Breaks FM
(BFM 002)
NuSkool Breaks 06.07.2006 11 CHF

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White Will White Will
Digital Funk - remixed by R.Pilgrem ...
Digital Funk 12 inch Functional Breaks
(FB 040)
NuSkool Breaks 06.07.2006 11 CHF

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Diverted Diverted
One of the most talented new producers to emerge out of the scene in the last 18 months. Diverted's releases on Sokolov ...
Thursday 12 inch Londonbreakz
(LBZ 012)
NuSkool Breaks 10.07.2006 11 CHF

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Peppermints Peppermints
"Jesüs Chryst" Album 2006 About the Artist: The Peppermints have been bratting around the world since 1997. B...
Jesüs Chryst LP Paw Tracks (USA)
(PAW 07)
Independent Pop & Rock 11.07.2006 16 CHF

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Illegal Ravers Illegal Ravers
Introducing Illegal Ravers, a brand spankin' new album from Just Another Label and the NEC. This album is is aimed at br...
Vol. 1 - various (mixed) CD Illegal Rec.
Old-School Break Beat 13.07.2006 11 CHF

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Verse Verse
"Sleepless" New 12inch by Verse on Renegade Records......
Sleepless / Patience 12 inch Renegade
(RR 68W)
Drum'N'Bass 13.07.2006 11 CHF

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Pentagon Pentagon
"Lady Bird" remixed by D.Kay and "Snow Crash" remixed by Makai! Back In Stock...
Ladybird (D Kay Remix) 12 inch Precision Breakbeat Research
(P 26)
Drum'N'Bass 13.07.2006 11 CHF

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Bodycode Bodycode
Bodycode is the exclusive Specrtal alias of Alan Abrahams, AKA Portable of the ~scape label. Lisbon, Portugal-based A...
The Conservation Of Electic Charge 2LP Spectral (Ghostly)
(SPC 37)
Minimal & Tech-House 13.07.2006 21 CHF

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Dafeet Pete Dafeet Pete
"Love Undercover" LMD 009...
Love Undercover 12 inch Lost My Dog
(LMD 009)
Minimal & Tech-House 17.07.2006 11 CHF

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Spank Rock Spank Rock
"Yo Yo Yo" - (Instrumentals)...
Yo Yo Yo (Instrumentals) 2LP Big Dada
(BD 091INST)
Hip Hop 17.07.2006 21 CHF

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Hacke Oliver Hacke Oliver
Millepies the Remixes by SLG, Anders Ilar, Jeff Milligan and Daniel Frischi LEVEL 006 - In Stock...
Millepieds (Remixes) 12 inch Level Rec.
(LEVEL 06)
Minimal & Tech-House 17.07.2006 11 CHF

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Flack Su Flack Su
Toddler 12 inch Chi Records
(CHI 10)
NuSkool Breaks 19.07.2006 11 CHF

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Wagon Cookin Wagon Cookin
"Wagon Cookin" and XAN BLACQ team-up on this 3-track 12" full of appeal for those in house, neo-soul, and nujazz circles...
The Week - The Weekend 12 inch Lovemonk
(LMNKV 17)
Dope Beats / Headz 27.07.2006 11 CHF

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Brisa Brisa
Debut single by Brisa aka Tetsu Shibuya, one half of Agora Rhythm, who released three singles on King Street/Nite Groove...
Release 12 inch Irma Records
(ICP 136)
Dope Beats / Headz 27.07.2006 11 CHF

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Blame Blame
"Turning Point Part 2" - feat."Congress" and "Sparticus"...
Turning Point EP 2 12 inch 720 Degrees
(720NU 024)
Drum'N'Bass 27.07.2006 11 CHF

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