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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Bomberman Bomberman
Pure filth from Bomberman with the amen abusing Busted Speaker which will please fans of the harder sound, Bun Dem is it...
Busted Speaker 12 inch Mechanoise
(MECH 2026)
NuSkool Breaks 22.11.2006 11 CHF

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Bonde Do Role Bonde Do Role
"Clear Blue Vinyl" Bonde De Role return for another shot at CSS's Brazilian glory with possibly their second most catch...
Marina Gasolina 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 263)
Electro / Disco 01.11.2010 6 CHF

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Bondy Jean-Paul Bondy Jean-Paul
Jean-Paul Bondy dürfte besonders von Volsoc bekannt sein, seinem gemeinsamen Projekt mit dem John-Tejada-Mitstreiter Jus...
The Path Of Most Resistors CD Compost
(COMP 199CD)
Electro / Disco 12.10.2006 14 CHF

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Boneshakers Boneshakers
Following on from his debut release last year on Sudden Def Records with ’Ruthless’, Boneshaker (Rob Couchman) returns w...
Watch The Skies 12 inch Sudden Def
(SDR 12025)
Drum'N'Bass 25.03.2008 11 CHF

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Boogie Army Boogie Army
A nice arp bass leads the Boogie Army's Das Tier to its drop, which demands your attention from the word go as slammin b...
Das Tier (Malente Remix) 12 inch Genepool Records
(GP 1 02)
NuSkool Breaks 27.03.2007 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
"We In There" from the Album "Sex And Violence" (ReIssue)...
We In There 12 inch Jive
Hip Hop 07.11.2010 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
"Love's Gonna Get'cha" (Material Love) - ReIssue from the Album "Edutainment"...
Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love) / ReIssue 12 inch Jive
Hip Hop 11.01.2008 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
"Why Is That?" (ReIssue) from the Album "Ghetto Music" - the Blueprint of Hip Hop...
Why Is That? 12 inch Jive
Hip Hop 07.11.2010 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
Poetry / Elementary 12 inch B Boy Records
(BB 1400)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
My Philosophy 12 inch Black Beats
(SCTI 1045)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
Digitally remastered re-release of original from 1988. ...
Man & His Music 2LP B Boy Records
(BB 2000)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 21 CHF

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Boom Bip Boom Bip
"Blue Eyed In The Red Room" (Normal Edition) Back In Stock...
Blue Eyed In The Red Room CD LEX
(LEX 034 CD)
Dope Beats / Headz 03.01.2007 14 CHF

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Bootasaurus Bootasaurus
New booty action from the Party Styles camp, well known for their funky ass grooves, this time taking on Peter Gabriel’s...
Big Boots 12 inch Party Style
(PARTY 010)
NuSkool Breaks 07.04.2008 11 CHF

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Booted Out Booted Out
1-Sided 12inch NuSkool-version from Kerry Chandler's "get out"...
Booted Out 12 inch DDB Rec.
(DDB 14)
NuSkool Breaks 01.01.2005 11 CHF

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Booty Bounce Booty Bounce
A pair of cheeky rough cuts here, with all the weighty bass and clattering beats you'd expect from the Bootybounce camp....
Haterz 12 inch Booty Bounce
Drum'N'Bass 03.02.2011 11 CHF

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Booty Bounce Booty Bounce
"Too Strong"...
Too Strong 12 inch Booty Bounce
Drum'N'Bass 11.12.2009 11 CHF

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Bootyville Bootyville
Bootyville dish up a from infamous Ellis Dee, who has been producing & playing old school & hardcore records for many ye...
Bootyville 12 inch Unknown Label
(VILLE 001)
NuSkool Breaks 22.01.2007 11 CHF

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Born Ruffians Born Ruffians
"Red Yellow & Blue" Back In Stock...
Red Yellow & Blue CD Warp
(WARP 164 CD)
Independent Pop & Rock 03.07.2008 14 CHF

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Born Tricky & Mr Frisk Born Tricky & Mr Frisk
"Let Me Out" remixed by Dj Hyper ...
Let Me Out (Hyper Remix) 12 inch 1 Rec.
(1REC 011)
NuSkool Breaks 14.09.2006 11 CHF

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Bostro Pesopeo Bostro Pesopeo
"Falls" (Hercules And Love Affair Remix) Falls Communquis Reprise Munich based newcomer Bostro Pesopeo presents his...
Falls 12 inch Permanent Vacation
Electro / Disco 26.09.2008 11 CHF

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Bostro Pesopeo Bostro Pesopeo
Anantes 12 inch Permanent Vacation
(PERMVAC 066-1)
Electro / Disco 29.10.2010 11 CHF

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Botanica Botanica
Ganze 12 Monate nach der Veröffentlichung ihres bisherigen Meisterwerkes "Berlin Hi-Fi" sind Botanica schon wieder zurüc...
The Magnetic Waltz CD Rent A Dog
(BONE 3011-2)
Independent Pop & Rock 15.05.2007 14 CHF

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Boxcutter Boxcutter
"Oneiric" - An extended CD release of Boxcutter's "Oneiric". Includes "Tauhid," "Gave Dub," & "Silver Birc...
Oneiric (The Album) CD Planet MU
(ZIQ 147 CD)
Dubstep 05.05.2006 14 CHF

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Boxcutter Boxcutter
Boxcutter returns to the mothership, HotFlush, with two of his most saught after Dubplates, Brood VIP & November Dub. Do...
Brood VIP 12 inch Abucs Records
(ABUCS 003)
Dubstep 29.12.2009 11 CHF

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Boxer Sport Records Boxer Sport Records
Boxer Sport Compilation Nummer 1. - Wieder An Lager - ...
Vol.1 / Various (unmixed) CD Boxer Sport
(BOXER 034 CD)
Minimal & Tech-House 28.11.2006 14 CHF

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Boy Robot Boy Robot
Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle - Vinyl Edition...
Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle 2LP City Centre Offices
Ambient / IDM 20.04.2006 21 CHF

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Boyfriends Boyfriends
"Once Upon A Time" 7inch...
Once Upon A Time 7 inch Unknown Label
(BOOBREC 0027)
Independent Pop & Rock 28.09.2006 6 CHF

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Boys Noize Boys Noize
Here we are with the new single “KONTACT ME” taken from BOYS NOIZE’s “Power” LP. Its dark bassline and vocals “Come with...
Kontact Me 12 inch Boys Noize Rec.
(BNR 045 )
Electro / Disco 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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B-Phreak B-Phreak
There are Bounce and Phuzz Ya (FRKW006)s from which you can't get rid, once you hear one Bounce in the morning, you are ...
Bounce 12 inch Badaboom
(FRKW 006)
NuSkool Breaks 13.03.2007 11 CHF

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Brackles Brackles
Following on swiftly from the ‘LHC’ 12 on Planet Mu, Brackles steps up once again with two dayglo , adventurous tracks t...
Rawkus 12 inch Planet MU
(ZIQ 247)
Dubstep 16.10.2009 11 CHF

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