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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Blim Blim
Responsible for some fine slices of jazz based drum'n'bass in the mid Nineties, BLIM (aka Gervais Cook) veered away from...
Lost In Music 2X12 inch Thursday Club
(RENN LP 010)
NuSkool Breaks 12.05.2006 19 CHF

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Blockwerk Blockwerk
The new Blockwerk release, "Straight Forward", reflects an attitude of urban communication and networking. Blockwerk hoo...
Straight Forward 12 inch Oddtime
(OR 005)
Dope Beats / Headz 05.04.2007 11 CHF

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Blood Arm Blood Arm
Bescheidenheit ist seine Sache nicht: Lange bevor THE BLOOD ARM auch nur einen Ton von sich hatten hören lassen, rannte ...
Lie Lover Lie CD Because Music
Independent Pop & Rock 18.05.2007 14 CHF

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Blood Meridian Blood Meridian
"Kick Up The Dust" "We've tried to write love songs, songs that people can draw little hearts around but somehow someb...
Kick Up The Dust CD V2
Independent Pop & Rock 26.09.2006 14 CHF

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Bloodysnowman Bloodysnowman
"Bloodysnowman" Breakcore, IDM and Electronica...
Bloodysnowman CD Daly City Records
(DCR 118)
Ambient / IDM 01.06.2007 14 CHF

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Blowman Blowman
Kentaro Iwaki Presents Blowman and his "Bleu Nuit EP"...
Bleu Nuit EP 12 inch Irma Records
(ICP 218)
Dope Beats / Headz 01.05.2006 11 CHF

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Blue Sky Black Death Blue Sky Black Death
"Slow Burning Lights" 2008...
Slow Burning Lights CD Babygrande
(BYG-CD-0389 )
Dope Beats / Headz 13.11.2009 14 CHF

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Blue Sky Black Death Blue Sky Black Death
Blue Sky Black and Jean Grae - "The Evil Jeanius" ...
The Evil Jeanius CD Babygrande
Hip Hop 08.10.2010 14 CHF

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Blue Sky Black Death Blue Sky Black Death
"The Holocaust"...
The Holocaust CD Babygrande
Hip Hop 13.11.2009 14 CHF

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Blue States Blue States
incl. Black Dog Remix!...
The Trainer Shuffle 12 inch Memphis Ind.
Ambient / IDM 30.12.2010 11 CHF

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Blueprint Blueprint
Out Now ...
What Kind Of Friend 12 inch Sound Not Scene
(SNS 09)
NuSkool Breaks 13.01.2006 11 CHF

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Blumentopf Blumentopf
Horst / Lass Die Show 12 inch Four Music
(FOR 82876895861)
Hip Hop 13.10.2010 11 CHF

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Boards of Canada Boards of Canada
Trans Canada Highway EP Extending from the last years Campfire Headphase album, the Trans Canada Highway EP which fe...
Trans Canada Highway EP CD Warp
(WARP CD 200)
Ambient / IDM 24.10.2008 14 CHF

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Boards of Canada Boards of Canada
DVD Single in outer Space!...
Dayvan Cowboy DVD Warp
(WAP 200DP)
Ambient / IDM 03.04.2009 10 CHF

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Bob Sinclar Bob Sinclar
"Lala Song" feat. The Sugarhill Gang...
Lala Song 12 inch Vendetta Rec.
(VENMX 1036)
Electro / Disco 05.06.2009 11 CHF

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Bodo Elsel Bodo Elsel
"Mein Haus EP"...
Mein Haus EP 12 inch Turbo (CAN)
(TURBO 073)
Electro / Disco 27.11.2009 11 CHF

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Body Snatchers Body Snatchers
Booty from 2004!...
Just 4 U London 2004 12 inch Unknown Label
(LONDON 001)
Drum'N'Bass 08.04.2008 11 CHF

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Bodycode Bodycode
Bodycode is the exclusive Specrtal alias of Alan Abrahams, AKA Portable of the ~scape label. Lisbon, Portugal-based A...
The Conservation Of Electic Charge 2LP Spectral (Ghostly)
(SPC 37)
Minimal & Tech-House 13.07.2006 21 CHF

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Bodycode Bodycode
Bodycode reveals tight, jacking rhythms and romantic dancefloor universalism.On Baby Ford's remix of “What Did You Say?,...
What Did You Say 12 inch Spectral (Ghostly)
Minimal & Tech-House 03.07.2009 11 CHF

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Bogey Man vs Dub Child Bogey Man vs Dub Child
"Smelly" and "Mount Zion" Back In Stock...
Smelly / Mount zion 12 inch Storming Prod.
(STORM 007)
Dubstep 16.03.2007 11 CHF

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Boiler Boiler
"Hot Tub" Out NowBack In Stock...
Hot Tub 12 inch Future Line Rec.
(FUR 004)
NuSkool Breaks 22.01.2007 11 CHF

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Bomb The Bass Bomb The Bass
"Future Chaos" (limited 2CD)...
Future Chaos (limited 2CD) 2CD !K7
(K7 230LCD)
Electro / Disco 18.09.2008 16 CHF

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Bombaman Bombaman
"Flower People" (6blocc Remix) limited whitelabel...
Flower People (6blocc Remix) 12 inch La Dubstep Nostra
(LADN 003)
Dubstep 29.05.2009 11 CHF

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Bomberman Bomberman
Annie Nightingale’s favourite man of the moment hits back with a double a side for new label Viral Breaks. This heavy hi...
Code Red 12 inch Viral Breaks
(VBR 001)
NuSkool Breaks 22.09.2006 11 CHF

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Bomberman Bomberman
Pure filth from Bomberman with the amen abusing Busted Speaker which will please fans of the harder sound, Bun Dem is it...
Busted Speaker 12 inch Mechanoise
(MECH 2026)
NuSkool Breaks 22.11.2006 11 CHF

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Bonde Do Role Bonde Do Role
"Clear Blue Vinyl" Bonde De Role return for another shot at CSS's Brazilian glory with possibly their second most catch...
Marina Gasolina 7 inch Domino Rec.
(RUG 263)
Electro / Disco 01.11.2010 6 CHF

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Bondy Jean-Paul Bondy Jean-Paul
Jean-Paul Bondy dürfte besonders von Volsoc bekannt sein, seinem gemeinsamen Projekt mit dem John-Tejada-Mitstreiter Jus...
The Path Of Most Resistors CD Compost
(COMP 199CD)
Electro / Disco 12.10.2006 14 CHF

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Bondy Jean-Paul Bondy Jean-Paul
First album from US producer Jean-Paul Bondy, better known as Volum and one half of Volsoc (together with Justin Maxwell...
The Path Of Most Resistors (2LP) 2LP Compost
(COMP 199-1)
Minimal & Tech-House 14.11.2006 21 CHF

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Boneshakers Boneshakers
Following on from his debut release last year on Sudden Def Records with ’Ruthless’, Boneshaker (Rob Couchman) returns w...
Watch The Skies 12 inch Sudden Def
(SDR 12025)
Drum'N'Bass 25.03.2008 11 CHF

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Boogie Army Boogie Army
A nice arp bass leads the Boogie Army's Das Tier to its drop, which demands your attention from the word go as slammin b...
Das Tier (Malente Remix) 12 inch Genepool Records
(GP 1 02)
NuSkool Breaks 27.03.2007 11 CHF

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