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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Zygaldo Rudi Zygaldo Rudi
Prepare your ears and adjust your brain for some of the most inventive modern pop you'll hear all year, with Rudi Zygadl...
Great Western Laymen 2LP Planet MU
(ZIQ 265 )
Dubstep 30.07.2010 21 CHF

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Illeist Collective Illeist Collective
***Funky Breaks*** Anyone who ever has listened to a live performance or a record of Illeist Collective knows of th...
Everytime 12 inch Roca
(ROCA 01)
NuSkool Breaks 23.07.2010 11 CHF

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Skepta Skepta
2 massive remixes from Herve and Mele, all along with the original mix on one 12". ...
Rescue Me 12 inch 3 Beat
(12BGLOBE 1415 )
Electro / Disco 16.07.2010 11 CHF

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Beatnuts Beatnuts
Street Level LP Relativity
(REL 1179)
Hip Hop 09.07.2010 16 CHF

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Danger Mouse Danger Mouse
DJ DANGERMOUSE presents THE EARLY YEARS '01-'03. Long before the Grey Album DJ Danger Mouse had been doing his signature...
The Early Years 2001 - 2003 12 inch Unknown Label
(DMW 01)
Hip Hop 09.07.2010 11 CHF

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Florent Florent
First release for Kompakt's K2 for the new year! Florent's "G-Net Ep" is as good as the K2 stamp on the cover of the 12'...
G-Net EP 12 inch K2 (Kompakt)
(K2 06)
Minimal & Tech-House 03.07.2010 11 CHF

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Altered Natives Altered Natives
A north London born producer and DJ who's been expressing himself through drum abuse and perverting genres. Altered Nati...
The Bitch 12 inch 3024 Rec.
(3024 009 )
Dubstep 02.07.2010 11 CHF

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Hybrid Hybrid
Hybrid burst forth across the cinescape (once more) with the gargantuan “Can You Hear Me”, taken from the highly succes...
Can You Hear Me 12 inch Distinctive_Breaks
(DISNT 197 )
NuSkool Breaks 02.07.2010 11 CHF

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Michael Black Electro Michael Black Electro
The record will be strictly limited to 500 on blue vinyl. For many years now Helsinki has been herald of change for elec...
Remixes 12 inch Black Acre
Dubstep 02.07.2010 11 CHF

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Ribs & IG88 Ribs & IG88
Breaks / Dubstep! Ribs & IG88, new to Valium with their new re-invented sound, are gonna blow with this single, it’s hug...
Monkey Wrench 12 inch Valium
(VAL 010)
NuSkool Breaks 02.07.2010 11 CHF

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Soca Gold Soca Gold
Soca entstand Anfang der 70er Jahre aus der Verknüpfung von Calypso mit indischen Rhythmen und ist eng mit dem jährlich ...
2010 2CD VP
(VPCD 1910 )
Dub / Reggae 02.07.2010 16 CHF

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Afghan Headspin Afghan Headspin
***Restock*** Ben & Lex Remix...
Clump Tropicana 12 inch Valium
(VAL 006 )
NuSkool Breaks 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Afghan Headspin Afghan Headspin
No Process 12 inch Valium
(VAL 005 )
NuSkool Breaks 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Boys Noize Boys Noize
Here we are with the new single “KONTACT ME” taken from BOYS NOIZE’s “Power” LP. Its dark bassline and vocals “Come with...
Kontact Me 12 inch Boys Noize Rec.
(BNR 045 )
Electro / Disco 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Hexadecimal Hexadecimal
"Serious Action" incl. Dub Menace mix...
Serious Action 12 inch Distinctive_Breaks
(DISN 188 )
NuSkool Breaks 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Illum Sphere Illum Sphere
“Titan” Sometimes titles are just perfect, aren’t they? It’s a huge, sprawling beast that seems to inhale every mutant ...
Titan 12 inch 3024 Rec.
(3024 008 )
Dubstep 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Napt Napt
feat. Kish Mauve...
Lose Control 12 inch Funkatech
(FTECH 031 )
NuSkool Breaks 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Nobody Nobody
***Digipack***...Sunny electronic beats a awash in pop, soul and funk and hip hop influences from Nobody -- weaving lush...
One For All Without Hesitation CD Nobodys Home Prod.
(TR 2000 CD)
Dope Beats / Headz 24.06.2010 14 CHF

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Ricky Ricky
***white label*** 1-sided 12"...
Ricky Dubstep Refix 12 inch Unknown Label
(RICKY 1 )
Dubstep 24.06.2010 11 CHF

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Chicken Lips Chicken Lips
***Restock*** original from 2006!...
Motion Sickness 12 inch Adrift
(ADT 008)
Electro / Disco 18.06.2010 11 CHF

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Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx
***white label*** Sink your teeth into that famous drum and bass coating through to tender, juicy vocals and enjoy ever...
Speak French (feat. Gucci Mane) 12 inch Unknown Label
(GRAVY 002 )
Drum'N'Bass 18.06.2010 11 CHF

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Paul Bassrock Paul Bassrock
After over a year away Bassrock come back with a monster release showing exactly why they should've been missed! Label ...
Dub Hooligan 12 inch Bassrock
(BROCK 027 )
NuSkool Breaks 18.06.2010 11 CHF

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Big Sound Big Sound
Spy grooves, crime jazz, and more -- a massive collection of brilliant Brit instrumentals from the 60s -- great sounds t...
Ember Soundtracks & Themes CD Fantastic Voyage
(FV CD 048)
Funk / Soul 12.06.2010 14 CHF

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Crissy Criss Crissy Criss
The multi talented CRISSY CRISS & YOUNGMAN drop their follow up to the massive first single - kick snare & pimp game whi...
Take Me Higher (DnB / Dubstep Mix) 12 inch V Records
(PLV 008)
Drum'N'Bass 04.06.2010 11 CHF

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Heist Heist
Whisking you off to a faraway island, "Continental Drift" starts this quality, varied four-track EP off nicely. With a s...
Continental Drift EP 2X12 inch Metalheadz
Drum'N'Bass 04.06.2010 19 CHF

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Hey Today Hey Today
Busy P Remix...
Talk To Me 12 inch Turbo (CAN)
(TURBO 078 )
Electro / Disco 04.06.2010 11 CHF

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Lemonde Lemonde
Dead by Dawn was revamped for dubplate earlier this year and came in three different guises . This is the mix that has m...
Dead By Dawn (remixes) 12 inch Valve Rec.
(VS 028RX )
Drum'N'Bass 04.06.2010 11 CHF

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Logistics / Jonny L Logistics / Jonny L
Sick Music Sampler Vol.2 / Part 2 ...
Sick Music Sampler Vol.2 / Part 2 12 inch Hospital
(NHS 166 )
Drum'N'Bass 04.06.2010 11 CHF

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Lost Idol Lost Idol
EP by Cookshop label founder Lost Idol covering dancefloor chunky breaks, cinematic downtempo jazz and latin tinged work...
Chip Funk EP 12 inch Cook Shop
(CKS 07)
Dope Beats / Headz 04.06.2010 11 CHF

   on stock
Lost Idol Lost Idol
"Bone Idol EP" Original 12inch EP on Cook Records from 2002! Following the highly acclaimed jazzed-out moodiness that wa...
Bone Idol EP 12 inch Cookshop Records
(CKS 002)
Dope Beats / Headz 04.06.2010 11 CHF

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