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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Sound Of Violence (Deadhau5 Mix) 12 inch Unknown Label
(CAS 100)
Electro / Disco 21.08.2009 11 CHF

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Maxwell Justin Maxwell Justin
Following his recent release as half of the Diskchordians, plenty of tech house releases on Palette Recordings and Trape...
Pillow Filter 12 inch Pretension
(PT 005)
Electro / Disco 21.08.2009 11 CHF

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Wevie Stonder Wevie Stonder
Ultra Rare original from Wevie Stonder on Skam! MINT!...
Eat Your Own Ears LP Skam Records
(SKA 014)
Ambient / IDM 21.08.2009 16 CHF

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Blackstrobe Blackstrobe
Released in a black sleeve with their logo in black text. The black labels on the vinyl have only A and B and the PlayLo...
Black Metal 12 inch Playlouder
Electro / Disco 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Shantel Shantel
Classic from 2001!...
Backwood 12 inch !K7
(!K7 094EP)
Dope Beats / Headz 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Simmonds Ian Simmonds Ian
Slop Shop and Spacer Remixes!...
Return To X (Remixes) 10 inch !K7
(!K7 101EP)
Dope Beats / Headz 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Solotempo Solotempo
Solotempo's new EPs bask shamelessly in catchy harmonies, indulge in bassdrums and wallow in the beauty of analog sounds...
Chamber 12 inch Spezialmaterial
(SM 031 EP 011)
Minimal & Tech-House 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Texas Texas
Two Lone Swordsman Remixes of Texas!...
Swordsmen Go To Texas 12 inch Mercury
(MERDJ 497)
Electro / Disco 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Transistors Transistors
2nd Hand - Light Surface Marks - Plays fine! - Classic from 2001! While we wait for their debut album 'ATELIER' (TSPH 0...
Mission On Venus (Kid Loco Remix) 10 inch Temporary Residence
(TSPH 0702 10)
Dope Beats / Headz 15.08.2009 11 CHF

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Ape School Ape School
***limited LP***...Ape School's Michael Johnson has a solid indie rock résumé. He was part of the SubPop group Holopaw, ...
Ape School LP Counter Rec. / Ninja Tune
Independent Pop & Rock 14.08.2009 16 CHF

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Cursor Minor Cursor Minor
"Thismansadventure EP" ReIssue, incl. a postard !...
Thismansadventure EP 12 inch Uncharted Audio
(UNCH 001)
Ambient / IDM 14.08.2009 11 CHF

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Dj Scud Dj Scud
"Ambush!" (2LP) rare original 2LP from 2003, Breakcore...
Ambush! (2LP) 2LP Rephlex Records
(CAT 133 LP)
Drum'N'Bass 14.08.2009 21 CHF

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Cursor Minor Cursor Minor
Original from 2003! Limited to 300 copies! Who would have thought that the Beach Boys could ever have been resurrected i...
Library 7 inch Uncharted Audio
(UNCH 005)
Electro / Disco 13.08.2009 6 CHF

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Dabeat Dabeat
Daft & Beat Machine mix...
Beat Grinder 12 inch Unknown Label
(DABEAT 001)
Electro / Disco 13.08.2009 11 CHF

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Gas vs Linuz Gas vs Linuz
"Day Zero"...
Day Zero 12 inch Led
(LED 002)
Minimal & Tech-House 06.08.2009 11 CHF

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Viani / Veerus / Maxie Divine Viani / Veerus / Maxie Divine
Including remixes by DABRUCK & KLEIN...
Dreamer 2009 12 inch Nero Records
(NERO 031)
Minimal & Tech-House 06.08.2009 11 CHF

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Produktinformation: “Colorante EP” by the Mexican artist Fax is his second release for Level Records. It’s three tracks ...
Colorante EP 12 inch Level Rec.
Minimal & Tech-House 01.08.2009 11 CHF

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Stenchman Stenchman
"Puking Over"...
Puking Over 12 inch Bovinyl Moosick
(MOO 002)
Dubstep 01.08.2009 11 CHF

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Stereotyp Meets Tikiman Stereotyp Meets Tikiman
G-Stone Records Vienna presents Jahman feat.Tikiman...
Jahman 12 inch G-Stone Rec.
(GS 12020)
Dub / Reggae 01.08.2009 11 CHF

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Brian Barian Brian Barian
***limited whitelabels*** One thing you can say about Brian Barian..s debut release is that it sounds absolutely unique ...
BBarian 001 12 inch BBarian Records
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Cluekid Cluekid
Cluekid's productions have always been super tight on-point affairs, both solo on his own Bullfrog imprint and in tandem...
Original Tearout 12 inch Subsonik
(SUBZ 006)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Eddie K Eddie K
Introducing the first 12" from Eddie K on the HENCH imprint – two chunky slabs of dubstep are in order from this young, ...
Who's The Hardest? 12 inch Hench Recordings
(HENCH 009)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Fanu Fanu
***3LP*** Junglist. Samplist. Breakbeat aficionado. Passionate DJ. Avid music lover. Those are some of the descriptions ...
Homefree 3LP Lightless Rec.
Drum'N'Bass 24.07.2009 24 CHF

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Firefarm Firefarm
The sound can best be described as a fusion of The Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine, with a healthy slice of Pendul...
Volatile 12 inch Broken Robot
(BRR 002)
NuSkool Breaks 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Helixir Helixir
Here at last, the third release from the ever versatile HELIXIR on 7even Recordings. There's a massive buzz surrounding ...
XP Dub 12 inch 7even Recordings
(7EVEN 10)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Jackson Michael Jackson Michael
***Picture Disc*** ReIssue...
Thriller (Picture Disc / ReIssue) LP CBS
Funk / Soul 24.07.2009 16 CHF

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Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr. Fox Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr. Fox
"Fall" an ode to the autumnal onset features the lush sound textures that have become the Manc super team’s calling card...
Fall 12 inch Black Acre
(ACRE 012)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Sarantis Sarantis
Terminal Dusk welcomes Sarantis into the family and presents his Nitroglycerine / Half Dead 12″. The Senseless Re...
Nitroglycerine 12 inch Terminal Dusk
(TD 009)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Sparx Rob Sparx Rob
Rob Sparx's debut release on his new label "Sour Grapes" catering for the heavier and moodier side of dubstep: Warpig is...
War Pig 12 inch Sour Grapes
(SOURG 001)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Vista Vista
“Ironfist” is the long anticipated rave anthem that has been causing riots on the dance floor, a haunting melody toped o...
Ironfist 12 inch Sub Depht
(SUBD 002)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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