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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Wackt Wackt
"Real Fookin Noise"...
Real Fookin Noise 12 inch Wacked
(WACKT 004)
Drum'N'Bass 06.09.2006 11 CHF

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W & P Hgg W & P Hgg
incl Dubbyman Remix!...
Funkstart 12 inch Cornuta Sound
(CS 003)
Minimal & Tech-House 14.02.2009 11 CHF

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Vulva String Quartett Vulva String Quartett
Vulva String Quartett is the wonderful house-project of Hanno Leichtmann, who is better known as "Static" inside the ele...
Out Of Sight 12 inch Combination Rec.
(CORE 040)
Minimal & Tech-House 23.05.2007 11 CHF

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Vsnares (Venetian Snares) Vsnares (Venetian Snares)
"2370894" original CD from 2002...
2370894 CD Planet MU
(ZIQ 057CD)
Ambient / IDM 22.01.2010 14 CHF

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Voom Voom Voom Voom
Peng Peng - Out Now - Voom Voom ist das Projekt von Peter Kruder, Christian Prommer und Roland Appel. Drei der größt...
Peng Peng (Album) CD !K7
(K7 199CD)
Minimal & Tech-House 18.04.2006 14 CHF

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Voom Voom Voom Voom
EP 2 in series of 4 collectible 12s from Peter Kruder and Fauna Flash! Comes with vinyl wallet which holds all 4 discs, ...
Bounce 12 inch !K7
(K7 197EP)
Minimal & Tech-House 11.04.2006 11 CHF

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Voom Voom Voom Voom
"Oggi" (Wahoo Remix) and "Best Friend" (Henrik Schwarz)...
Oggi (Wahoo Remix) 12 inch G-Stone Rec.
(GSMX 2033)
Electro / Disco 19.07.2007 11 CHF

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Vonstroke Claude Vonstroke Claude
“Who is the person you would most like to work with?” For Claude VonStroke, it’s definitely Bootsy Collins - the biggest...
The Greasy Beat (feat. Bootsy Collins) 12 inch Dirty Bird (USA)
(DBIRD 027)
Minimal & Tech-House 06.11.2009 11 CHF

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Von Oswald Moritz Von Oswald Moritz
Through Basic Channel and Rhythm And Sound — his collaborations with Mark Ernestus — Moritz von Oswald first of all conj...
Vertical Ascent CD Honest Jons
(HJRCD 45)
Minimal & Tech-House 28.07.2009 14 CHF

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Von D Von D
Hailing from the suburbs of Paris, Von D’s soul soaked sound is an expression of his multi cultural roots. Bon is a bree...
Bon (feat. Zhakee) 12 inch Argon
(ARG 021)
Dubstep 27.02.2009 11 CHF

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Voigt Reinhard Voigt Reinhard
"Speicher 29" incl. Remix by Alter Ego Back In Stock Orig. from 2005...
Speicher 29 (Alter Ego Remix) 12 inch Kompakt
(KOM EX 29)
Minimal & Tech-House 24.10.2007 11 CHF

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Voigt Reinhard Voigt Reinhard
15tes release auf kompakt...Rar Back In Stock...
Empfiehlt Sex Mit M.Mayer 12 inch Kompakt
Minimal & Tech-House 13.02.2007 11 CHF

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Voice Crack & Günter Müller Voice Crack & Günter Müller
Recorded October 15, 2000 at Festival Controindicazioni, Roma, Italy, and December 1, 2000 at VII Szünetjel Festival, Bu...
Buda Rom CD For4Ears
Noise / Electronica 08.03.2005 14 CHF

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Voice Crack & Borbetomagus Voice Crack & Borbetomagus
Andy Guhl, Jim Sauter, Don Dietrich, Donald Miller, Norbert Möslang, Adam Nodelmann 1988 LP UP 06/AG1987 New edition 19...
Fish That Sparkling Bubble CD Uhlang Production
Noise / Electronica 13.04.2005 14 CHF

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Voice Crack Voice Crack
Bereits mit ihrem letzten Werk 'Below Beyond Above' konzentrierten sie sich verstärkt auf dynamische Bewegungen und Entw...
Infra_Red CD Uhlang Production
(CD UP 11)
Noise / Electronica 08.03.2005 14 CHF

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Voice Crack Voice Crack
Below Beyond Above CD Uhlang Production
(CD UP 10)
Noise / Electronica 08.03.2005 14 CHF

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Voice Crack Voice Crack
"Shock_Late" cracked every day electronics...
Shock_Late LP Entenpfuhl
Ambient / IDM 01.01.2005 16 CHF

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Voice Crack Voice Crack
Hrvatski remix, Toby Reynolds remix, Matmos remix and more...
Remixes CD Ambush
Noise / Electronica 01.11.2010 14 CHF

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Voice Voice
"Gumbo" Debut Album 2006 ...
Gumbo (2LP) 2LP Public Transit
(PTRLP 008)
Hip Hop 12.11.2009 21 CHF

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Vodka Vodka
The IRS crew present the next slamming release on their International Rescue Sounds label. Following on from their massi...
Bitch Slap 12 inch I.R.S.
(IRS 003)
NuSkool Breaks 09.03.2007 11 CHF

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Vodka Vodka
Neuer hot stuff aus dem Musiklabor des Dr. VOdkas. Das Zeugs trifft mal wieder genau den Punkt. A Seite knallharter drum...
Ali-Baba / Trash Rock 12 inch Earthbeat Rec.
Drum'N'Bass 01.01.2007 11 CHF

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Vodka Vodka
Split Release on IRS by Vodka and Swami Sonal Jee, Breaks vs Drum n Bass...
The World Has A Major Problem 12 inch I.R.S.
(IRS 002)
Drum'N'Bass 14.03.2006 11 CHF

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Vodka Vodka
The IRS crew continues their prolific start to the year with this wicked release that comes from a liquid d&b angle but ...
By My Side 12 inch I.R.S.
(IRS 004)
Drum'N'Bass 24.08.2007 11 CHF

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Vodka Vodka
***Summer Time***...
Take Control 12 inch I.R.S.
(IRS 005)
Drum'N'Bass 26.06.2009 11 CHF

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Vital Elements Vital Elements
Vital Elements, who has been hotly tipped by even the godfather Grooverider,continues his impressive run of killer track...
Rudeboy / Trust Only 12 inch Zombie Rec.
Drum'N'Bass 16.05.2007 11 CHF

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Vital Elements Vital Elements
Vital Elements (V Recordings, Formation) steps up to deliver an outstanding slice of quality drum & bass, inspired by th...
Bad Boy Tune 12 inch Basement Rec.
(BRSS 070)
Drum'N'Bass 20.03.2009 11 CHF

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Vista / Spherix / Dj Madd Vista / Spherix / Dj Madd
***Restock*** Reading based dubstep label 3.5 do it again with this two part Ep. Label bosses THC and Will Blaze employ ...
The Oz LP Part One 12 inch 3.5. Records
(HENRY 0081)
Dubstep 11.03.2011 11 CHF

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Vista Vista
“Ironfist” is the long anticipated rave anthem that has been causing riots on the dance floor, a haunting melody toped o...
Ironfist 12 inch Sub Depht
(SUBD 002)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Vista Vista
"Special Request" (Repress)...
Special Request (Repress) 12 inch 3.5. Records
(HENRY 003)
Dubstep 19.06.2008 11 CHF

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Virus Syndicate Virus Syndicate
Virus Syndicate are DJ/producer M.R.K.1 (formerly Mark One) and MCs Goldfinger, JSD and Nika D - Manchester’s foremost g...
Sick Pay CD Planet MU
(ZIQ 215 CD)
Dubstep 31.10.2008 14 CHF

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