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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Equinox Records Equinox Records
Limited Edition Clear Vinyl Pre-release EP of the compilation "Welcome To The Neo Golden Age – A Sound Exposure Vol.1" ...
Welcome To The Neon Golden Age (EP) 12 inch Equinox Rec.
(EQX 002)
Hip Hop 20.11.2008 11 CHF

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Acustic Acustic
"Welcome", from Jesper Skaaning (aka Acustic), has been anticipated for some time. The last time he released a full solo...
Welcome LP Rump Rec.
Ambient / IDM 27.02.2009 16 CHF

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Lopp vs Sista Widey Lopp vs Sista Widey
Welcome 12 inch Bambola
(BAM 006)
Dope Beats / Headz 12.11.2010 11 CHF

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Zabiela James Zabiela James
"Weird Science" remixed by Kriece and Meat Katie ...
Weird Science (Meat Katie Remix) 12 inch Renaissance
(RENX 040)
NuSkool Breaks 12.12.2006 11 CHF

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Ace Lover Ace Lover
Produced by Phil Rust!...
Weed Spots 12 inch Marcion
(MAR 0011)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 11 CHF

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I m Not A Gun I m Not A Gun
"We Think As Instruments" - New Album 2006...
We Think As Instruments LP City Centre Offices
Ambient / IDM 19.05.2006 16 CHF

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King Doom / Champion Supreme King Doom / Champion Supreme
"We Live It"...
We Live It 12 inch Maddgame
(MG 01001)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 11 CHF

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Boogie Down Productions Boogie Down Productions
"We In There" from the Album "Sex And Violence" (ReIssue)...
We In There 12 inch Jive
Hip Hop 07.11.2010 11 CHF

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Hot Chip Hot Chip
We Have ( remixes ) 12 inch EMI
(12R 6823 )
Electro / Disco 17.09.2010 11 CHF

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Zound & Ku / Dj Dubb Zound & Ku / Dj Dubb
"We Got The Sound"...
We Got The Sound 12 inch JungleXpeditions
(JXR 09)
Drum'N'Bass 13.03.2009 11 CHF

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Teamtendo Teamtendo
We, at the Future of Music Taskforce of the Institubes Foundation, are proud to present you with our latest finding: TEA...
We EP 12 inch Institubes
(INS 12 003)
Electro / Disco 16.02.2007 11 CHF

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Aeroplane Aeroplane
As you probably know by now, Belgian outfit Aeroplane is now fronted by just one pilot, with former member Stephen Fasan...
We Can't Fly CD Wall Of Sound
(WOS 077CD )
Electro / Disco 08.10.2010 14 CHF

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Sozialistischer Plattenbau Sozialistischer Plattenbau
Dj Phokus, Neurosis Orchestra, Dj JR and Isari lasterfahrer on German Label Sozialistischer Plattenbau......
We Bomb Fi Dubs #1 12 inch Sozialistischer Plattenbau
(SPB 12007)
Dubstep 25.05.2007 11 CHF

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Antislash Antislash
Paris based trio Antislash is back with a new strong EP. for their 3rd release on Circus Company John Merrick, Pit Spect...
We Are The Copy & Paste 12 inch Circus Company
(CCS 027)
Minimal & Tech-House 23.04.2008 11 CHF

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Rother Anthony Rother Anthony
"We Are Punks Vol.3"...
We Are Punks Vol.3 12 inch Datapunk Rec.
(DTP 034)
Electro / Disco 22.12.2008 11 CHF

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De Ice Lennie De Ice Lennie
"We Are IE" A Side Dubstep mixed by Caspa and Rusko B Side hot electro mixes!...
We Are IE 12 inch Distinctive_Breaks
(Y4K 021)
Dubstep 18.09.2008 11 CHF

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Sister Sledge Sister Sledge
"We Are Family" (ReIssue)...
We Are Family (ReIssue) 12 inch Warner
(504672 7760)
Funk / Soul 24.12.2008 11 CHF

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DNCN & Mark Henning DNCN & Mark Henning
"We Are Diep" (Part 2.)...
We Are Diep (2) 12 inch Gastspiel
(GSP 2.2)
Minimal & Tech-House 22.09.2006 11 CHF

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Digital Breaks Foundation Digital Breaks Foundation
"Way Back" remixed by Sifter & Adan Digital Breaks Foundation come correct with ‘Way Back’ and its massive twisting ba...
Way Back (Sifter & Adan Remix) 12 inch Boom Box
(BBR 029)
NuSkool Breaks 30.11.2006 11 CHF

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Duel Calibre / Anti-Science Duel Calibre / Anti-Science
The idea behind Brock Out Records is to showcase the genuine talent from the streets that may not have got the chance ot...
Wavin The 4Four 12 inch Brock Out
NuSkool Breaks 22.01.2007 11 CHF

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Search & Destroy Search & Destroy
"Wavescape" (Vex'D Remix) and "Scarecrow" on new Label Pitch Black...
Wavescape (Vex'd Remix) 12 inch Pitch Black
(PITCH 001)
Dubstep 12.10.2006 11 CHF

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Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician
"Wave Motion"...
Wave Motion CD MUSH Records
(MH 205 )
Hip Hop 19.11.2010 14 CHF

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Dmx Krew Dmx Krew
DMX Krew nennt sich der friedfertige Edward Upton aus London, besser bekannt als Ed DMX. Und wie nicht wenige andere Mus...
Wave Funk 2CD Rephlex Records
(CAT 204CD )
Electro / Disco 01.10.2010 16 CHF

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Touché remixes!...
Watskeburt?! 12 inch Magnetron
(MAG 006)
Electro / Disco 19.02.2008 11 CHF

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Justice Justice
"Waters Of Nazareth" - incl. Justice Killer Selfremix Version! ...
Waters Of Nazareth 12 inch Ed Banger
(BEC 5772008)
Electro / Disco 28.08.2009 11 CHF

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Jirku / Judge Jirku / Judge
"Watching You"...
Watching You 12 inch Onitor (Germany)
Minimal & Tech-House 01.05.2008 11 CHF

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Roni Size Roni Size
Talkin Loud Classic Back In Stock...
Watching Windows (Reissue) 12 inch Talkin Loud
Drum'N'Bass 30.12.2005 11 CHF

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Example Example
This summer Example returns with a brand new single, having killed the crowd with the ‘demonic overground club smash’ (S...
Watch The Sun Come Up 12 inch Data Recordings
(DATA 221T)
Electro / Disco 03.10.2009 11 CHF

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Boneshakers Boneshakers
Following on from his debut release last year on Sudden Def Records with ’Ruthless’, Boneshaker (Rob Couchman) returns w...
Watch The Skies 12 inch Sudden Def
(SDR 12025)
Drum'N'Bass 25.03.2008 11 CHF

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Virus Syndicate Virus Syndicate
After 6 months locked in the Virus HQ studio lab emerge Virus Syndicate, Manchester’s latest musical prodigies, with a f...
Wasted 12 inch Tyke
(TYKE 004)
Grime 17.09.2007 11 CHF

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