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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Virus Syndicate Virus Syndicate
After 6 months locked in the Virus HQ studio lab emerge Virus Syndicate, Manchester’s latest musical prodigies, with a f...
Wasted 12 inch Tyke
(TYKE 004)
Grime 17.09.2007 11 CHF

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Pete Rock Pete Rock
Featuring Dead Prez......
Warzone 12 inch BBE Rec.
(RR0032 EP )
Hip Hop 03.01.2008 11 CHF

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Double O Double O
White Label Promo Version...
Warrior 12 inch Double Zero Rec.
(DZR 006)
Drum'N'Bass 08.04.2008 11 CHF

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Dj Primecuts Dj Primecuts
feat. Dynamite MC...
Warning (remixes) 12 inch D Style LTD.
(DSR 020)
Dubstep 05.02.2010 11 CHF

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August Mark / Tampopo August Mark / Tampopo
"Metisse 03" feat. "Warm" remixed by Zander VT and Tampopo's "Helicopters Got Cameras" remixed by Tobias...
Warm (Remix) 12 inch Curle
(CURLE 03)
Minimal & Tech-House 19.02.2008 11 CHF

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Sparx Rob Sparx Rob
Rob Sparx's debut release on his new label "Sour Grapes" catering for the heavier and moodier side of dubstep: Warpig is...
War Pig 12 inch Sour Grapes
(SOURG 001)
Dubstep 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Dred Bass Dred Bass
DRED BASS aka JB, returns after his collaboration with DJ SPICE on 'THE BASHER / SHINE'. DRED BASS don't disappoint as h...
War Of The Worlds 12 inch Back2Basics
(B2B 12086)
Drum'N'Bass 17.05.2006 11 CHF

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Inasin Inasin
Fancy a seven day session? Well these guys are bang on it, so come on, get involved. Inasin is the man drafted in to sta...
War Hawk 12 inch 7 Day Session
(SDS 001)
Dubstep 02.05.2007 11 CHF

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Slope Slope
"Slope ist dope!", so says Daniel Paul who, along with his colleague Honesty, makes up the DJ/producer duo Slope. ...
Want' Choo Longa 12 inch Sonar Kollektiv
(SK 134)
Dope Beats / Headz 15.02.2007 11 CHF

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Bricolage Bricolage
Glasgow four piece Bricolage follow up sold out 7”s on Creeping Bent and Fantastic Plastic with their debut Memphis Ind...
Waltzers (7inch) 7 inch Memphis Ind.
(MI 095S)
Independent Pop & Rock 09.08.2007 6 CHF

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Moving Fusion Moving Fusion
Bringing the dutty funk on ‘Walk On’ Moving Fusion slaps out a bass heavy piece on his own Drum Culture imprint with som...
Walk On 12 inch Drum Culture
Drum'N'Bass 01.03.2008 11 CHF

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Slaughter Mob Slaughter Mob
South London's Slaughter Mob come correct with their best 12" since Soulja's 'Saddam' on 'Walk Of The Wicked' for Souths...
Walk Of The Wicked 12 inch Southside Recordings
Dubstep 16.04.2009 11 CHF

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JuJu JuJu
"Wake Up" feat. Harmony Promo...
Wake Up (Promo) 12 inch Phuturo
Drum'N'Bass 25.08.2006 11 CHF

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Quenum Philippe Quenum Philippe
Voodoo Vision - TrapezLTD 041...
Voodoo Vision 12 inch Trapez
(TRAPEZ 041)
Minimal & Tech-House 11.04.2006 11 CHF

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Electronicat Electronicat
Dieses Album fegt von Electro in die dunkelsten Tiefen des Jungle Rocks Electronicat schickt sein zweites Disko B-Album...
Voodoo Man 2LP Disko B
(DB 128)
Electro / Disco 20.11.2007 21 CHF

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Mahanee / Liquid Wicked Mahanee / Liquid Wicked
Two remixes of Mahanee and Liquid Wicked from French stepper Von D for the dubstep rave crew, as 'Bust a shot' piles up ...
Von D Remixes 12 inch Kiosk (F)
(KIOSK 011)
Dubstep 11.12.2009 11 CHF

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Monkey Monkey
"Volume VIP"...
Volume VIP 12 inch Sonic Lodge
(SONIC 001)
Dubstep 10.10.2009 11 CHF

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Rump Comp Rump Comp
Back In Stock...Denmark's eminently likeable Rump Recordings has seen fit to assemble this rather lovely collecti...
Volume One LP Rump Rec.
(RUMP LP 002)
Ambient / IDM 27.02.2009 16 CHF

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Monkey / Calenda Monkey / Calenda
Volume / 8:15 12 inch War Dubz
(HWD 002)
Dubstep 18.09.2008 11 CHF

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Firefarm Firefarm
The sound can best be described as a fusion of The Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine, with a healthy slice of Pendul...
Volatile 12 inch Broken Robot
(BRR 002)
NuSkool Breaks 24.07.2009 11 CHF

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Rewind Rewind
Rewind: Original classics, re-worked, remixed, re-edited and rewound! This is the second in the Ubiquity Rewind compi...
Vol.2: Original Classics, Re-Worked, Remixed, Re-edited And Rewound (2LP) 2LP Ubiquity
Funk / Soul 01.11.2006 21 CHF

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Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing
"Vol.2" - The Acid Boutique - (Albert Préjean, Dieter Koeltzsch)...
Vol.2 / The Acid Boutique(Albert Préjean, Dieter Koeltzsch) LP Dirty Dancing
(DRD 002 )
Electro / Disco 20.06.2008 16 CHF

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Bingo Allstars Bingo Allstars
"Vol.2" Out Now with fresh Tunes by Sonic, Motive, Vice Versa and LSB !...
Vol.2 - Various 2X12 inch Bingo Beats
(BINGO 059)
Drum'N'Bass 21.03.2007 19 CHF

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Midnight Music Midnight Music
Lovers Rock and Soulfull Tunes for the later evening:)...
Vol.2 LP Cousins
(COUD LP 012)
Dub / Reggae 26.03.2008 16 CHF

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Syntheme Syntheme
Vol.2 12 inch Planet MU
(ZIQ 192)
Electro / Disco 27.03.2009 11 CHF

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Shout Shout
the shout camp employ the ever increasing popular talents of greg packer for the latest instalment on shout volumes. Dan...
Vol.14 12 inch Shout Records
(SHOUT 014)
Drum'N'Bass 02.05.2007 11 CHF

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Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing
Mysterious release containing 6 Tracks of hard acid reminiscent of old Bunker and Drop Bass releases. Comes with full ja...
Vol.1 / (Albert Préjean, Jacques Henley, Kurt Gerron) LP Dirty Dancing
(DRD 001)
Electro / Disco 20.06.2008 16 CHF

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Unbound Project Unbound Project
Feat. Dilated Peoples / Saul Williams / Mike Ladd.... Second Vinyl Part of the Underground and consciouss HipHop Releas...
Vol.1 (Part 2) 12 inch Ground Control
(GCR 7006 CD)
Hip Hop 07.01.2011 11 CHF

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Secret Love Secret Love
Back In Stock After the critical acclaim of the series of leftfield compilations 'Formation 60', 'Polish Jazz' a...
Vol.1 - Various (Jazzanova & Resoul) (2LP) 2LP Sonar Kollektiv
(SK 042 LP )
Dope Beats / Headz 07.03.2008 21 CHF

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Nu Basement Records Nu Basement Records
Basement Records are renowned as being one of the pioneering labels from back in the 90s and their Nu Basement incarnati...
Vol.1 - The New Generation Of Ardcore 2X12 inch Nu Basement
(NUBRSS 001)
Old-School Break Beat 13.03.2008 19 CHF

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