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  Künstler Titel Format Label Genre Datum Preis
Deep Roots Deep Roots
MSXEP 039 2X12" Promo on MovinShadow Original Double 12 from 2005 Back In Stock...
Vice Grip EP 2X12 inch Moving Shadow
(MSXEP 039)
Drum'N'Bass 05.06.2007 19 CHF

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Magsch Magsch
with earlier support from respected DJ's and producers like Dave Clark, Valentino Kanzyani and Erick Decks, it's now tim...
Vice EP 12 inch Knowrex
(KB 005)
Minimal & Tech-House 08.05.2007 11 CHF

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Rogue State Rogue State
Very Dangerous' EP, The second vinyl produced by Rogue State (R8-002), is out!! The a-side is ‘Very Dangerous’ featuring...
Very Dangerous 12 inch R8 Recordings
(R8 002)
Dubstep 14.11.2007 11 CHF

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Matrix & Danny J Matrix & Danny J
"Vertigo" Original and Remix...
Vertigo 12 inch Metro Recordings
Drum'N'Bass 30.04.2005 11 CHF

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Emperor Machine Emperor Machine
"Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise" (Part 6.)...
Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise (6) 12 inch D.C. Records
(DCR 78)
Electro / Disco 14.03.2007 11 CHF

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Emperor Machine Emperor Machine
Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise (Part 4.) Back In Stock...
Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise (4) 12 inch D.C. Records
(DC 069)
Electro / Disco 14.03.2007 11 CHF

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Emperor Machine Emperor Machine
"Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise" (Part 3.) Back In Stock...
Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise (3) 12 inch D.C. Records
(DC 068)
Electro / Disco 14.03.2007 11 CHF

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Vertical Form Vertical Form
fantastic IDM and Ambient Comp from 2001 Boomkat says...Setting the icing on the cake that has been the first stage...
Vertical Forms (Various / unmixed) CD Vertical Form
Ambient / IDM 22.10.2010 14 CHF

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Von Oswald Moritz Von Oswald Moritz
Through Basic Channel and Rhythm And Sound — his collaborations with Mark Ernestus — Moritz von Oswald first of all conj...
Vertical Ascent CD Honest Jons
(HJRCD 45)
Minimal & Tech-House 28.07.2009 14 CHF

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Ronson Mark Ronson Mark
"Version" ...
Version CD Red Ink
Hip Hop 28.12.2009 14 CHF

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Schwartz Damian Schwartz Damian
"Verde Confeti"...
Verde Confeti 12 inch CMYK Musik
(CMYK 007 )
Minimal & Tech-House 31.12.2006 11 CHF

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Sub Focus / Howtek / Sparkfunk / Nightbreed Sub Focus / Howtek / Sparkfunk / Nightbreed
"Verano" and "Arachnophobia"...
Verano 12 inch Frequency Rec.
(FQY 023)
Drum'N'Bass 08.06.2006 11 CHF

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Stafraenn Hakon Stafraenn Hakon
After two massively respected full-lengths on Resonant, the much-lauded Stafraenn Hakon is about to step up a gear or tw...
Ventill / Poki 2LP Resonant
(RES LP 009)
Ambient / IDM 25.03.2008 21 CHF

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Skein Skein
Skein has developed his sound into something completely fresh. The two tracks here really do highlight the growing cross...
Venice 12 inch Vertical Form
(VFORM 007)
Ambient / IDM 24.12.2008 11 CHF

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Villalobos Ricardo Villalobos Ricardo
"Vasco" (70:06) limited digipack...
Vasco (70:06) CD Perlon
Minimal & Tech-House 16.10.2008 14 CHF

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Built For Boundaries Built For Boundaries
Quiet Storm has been working hard to push the music scene and its immense versatility of sounds since 1999. After hearin...
Various: Storming Productions 2LP Storming Prod.
Dubstep 14.12.2007 21 CHF

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Audioworks Audioworks
mixed by Total Science!...
Various Artists Volume 3 CD C.I.A. Rec.
Drum'N'Bass 03.12.2010 14 CHF

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Planet V Planet V
"Planet V" double CD-Set from the V-Camp original Release from 1999 ...
Various (V Recordings) 2CD V Records
(VECD 02)
Drum'N'Bass 04.01.2007 16 CHF

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Sacred Symbols Of Mu Sacred Symbols Of Mu
In the past three years since their last compilation ‘Children Of Mu’, Planet Mu has become one of the most forward loo...
Various (Unmixed) 2CD Planet MU
(ZIQ 100 CD)
Ambient / IDM 13.08.2007 16 CHF

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Beat Bazaar Beat Bazaar
The first Tongut compilation, an extraordinarily diverse collection of cuts across minimal and leftfield house, thru to ...
Various (Tongut Records) 2X12 inch Tongut
(TON 011)
Minimal & Tech-House 31.12.2005 19 CHF

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Hardcore Repossession Hardcore Repossession
Volume 8 in the Hardcore Projektz series brings together three top tunes from Darkus, The Phantom and Sike. "Hardcore Re...
Various (Hardcore Projektz) 12 inch Hardcore Projektz
(HPZ 008)
NuSkool Breaks 08.05.2007 11 CHF

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Keep The Faith Keep The Faith
Sheffield techno and electronic label Dust Science is to release their first compilation CD, which will showcase the ful...
Various (Dust Science Rec.) CD Dust Science Rec.
(DUSTV 011)
Electro / Disco 14.09.2006 14 CHF

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Bis Neunzehn Bis Neunzehn
"Bis Neunzehn" Various Artists from Areal-Camp , original Release from 2004 Back In Stock...
Various (Areal Records) CD Areal
(AREAL CD 002)
Minimal & Tech-House 17.02.2007 14 CHF

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Lost For Words Lost For Words
"Lost For Words" (A 17 Track Leaf Label Sampler) Back In Stock...
Various (A 17 Track Leaf Sampler) CD Leaf
(BAY 27 CD)
Independent Pop & Rock 18.12.2006 14 CHF

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Toxic Records Toxic Records
Toxic Records from France, Vol.1 feat. Gameprod, Sneb and many more! (Import)...
Various - Vol.1 12 inch Toxic Records
Drum'N'Bass 08.12.2006 11 CHF

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Grim Fm Grim Fm
Featuring Werk artists and Starkey's 'Episode 147', 'Run the Bonus Features' 'Quit Smiling (Battle Mode VIP)' and 'Let Y...
Various CD Werk Discs
(WERK CD 002)
Dubstep 15.04.2008 14 CHF

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Diamanten Und  Raketen Diamanten Und Raketen
After the now legendary Playhouse compilation series ‘Famous When Dead’, sister label Klang Elektronik now starts a new ...
Various CD Klang Elektronik
(KLANG CD 013)
Minimal & Tech-House 08.11.2006 14 CHF

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Funkmode Funkmode
Various CD Scenario
(SCLP 009)
Funk / Soul 30.07.2006 14 CHF

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GU10 GU10
Global Underground feiert sein 10-jähriges Bestehen mit der grandios schönen Samplerbox „GU10“. Das Label, das wie kein ...
Various 3LP Global Underground
Minimal & Tech-House 15.06.2006 24 CHF

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200 200
Planet Mu celebrates its 200th release with a massive, bargain-priced 26 track double cd and limited double vinyl. Relea...
Various 2CD Planet MU
(ZIQ 200)
Ambient / IDM 18.10.2007 16 CHF

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